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Dear All,
Greetings from Sustainable Life Trust, a grass roots level registered NGO based at Dharmapuri, Tamilnadu, India working since 1997 in the field of social development sector, which deals with a broad range of environmental issues. The Trust implements its mission through campaigns and practical activities, public information and involvement with community participation.

Sustainable Life Trust is planning to organize a campaign -"Save Thenpennai River" with the aim of creating awareness about the present environmental situation of the river among the residents in the riverbanks of Thenpennai and to motivate the people to save and protect stream flows in Thenpennai to sustain healthy aquatic ecosystems from 27th Jan 2014 to 15th Feb, 2014.  We (20 like-minded, environmental conscious people in NGOs, CBOs and environmental activist youth groups) are going to travel around 400 Kms in 20 days and will meet 50000 people approximately and also convey the message about the protection of the River as well as importance of rain water harvesting, tree planting, impacts of climate change, water and gender, and impart people’s rights for safe and clean-protected water for drinking purpose through interactive meeting, awareness meeting in schools and colleges and cultural programmes.

The amount that we need around 10000 US$ in total which is for printing publicity materials like posters, brochures, handouts, stickers and traveling, food, documentation and media, prizes and certificates for schools and college students etc., We really feel that the campaign will be done only with the donations mobilized through people who are concerned with our natural resources.  Kindly support us in particular donations.  Any donations small or large will help our endeavors.

Thanks and regards
Director-Sustainable Life Trust &
Campaign Organizer

Welcome to the official website of Sustainable Life Trust.
Sustainable Life Trust is basically a secular, non-political, non-religious, not for profit, voluntary organization established in 1997 at Dharmapuri district of Tamilnadu, India. Since its inception it is being committed to work with rural marginalized sections in its operational area in multidisciplinary rural and community development. It is maintaining effective relationship with government, NGOs and other CBOs.

To build an environmentally sound and socially just society in Tamilnadu and beyond.

Improve the livelihood of marginalized communities in a sustainable manner through the promotion of improved livelihood opportunities and strengthening of local institutions that relate to livelihood development.

  • To increase living standards of farming community substantially through sustainable agriculture and off-farm income-generation programmes
  • To educate and organize the powerless people to make them stronger to solve their own problems by themselves.
  • To work for the rural development and welfare of the women and children, economically down trodden and socially backward.
  • To motivate the people for strengthening the traditional knowledge with specific importance to their health care, agriculture, livestock and natural resource management.
  • To motivate women, children, and youth to undertake activities for the promotion of environmental protection and ecological conservation;
  • To encourage the use of alternate sources of energy;
  • To help and generate training programme for self employment of women and educated unemployed people.
  • To provide help under health & nutrition services for women and children. Preventive /Curative health service related work (Plantation of medicinal plants and their popularization).
  • To organize women groups and create awareness among women through provision of information of different programmes and women and child rights issues of specific concern to women and children as also on equality of social status, legal rights and help them become self-reliant and independent by their economic empowerment through income-generation activities and active participation in decision making at various stage.
Legal Status
Sustainable Life Trust is a registered one as a non-profit organization under the Indian Trust Act of 1882. It is an approved charity recognized by the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of India under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) of 1976.

Geographical Area of work
Sustainable Life Trust focuses its current activities primarily in Dharmapuri district of Tamilnadu, India having its administrative office at Pidamaneri Village.